Reasons to ‘Come Out’

I originally wrote the post below in February 2011 when I was still a closeted gay man. At the time, it was to be the fourth entry in my series exploring my everyday thoughts on ‘coming out’ of the closet. I think its message is important to post even three years later.


In case my last two posts seemed too bleak, how about we change our focus to some positive sense of hope? After all, in difficult times, HOPE is vital.

Hope is vitalI believe that when I finally do come out there will be several positive results. I hold these close to me when I begin to feel hopeless. If you, my reader, have any to add, please do. I’m sure I will realize more to add to the list over time. That is one of the great things about life. As we walk down this road, more positives will always come to light.

These help me know that it will all be ok.

 Reasons to come out…

  1. The feeling of relief
  2. How proud I will feel of myself for being strong enough to say the words, “I am Gay”
  3. Finally feeling like I am living the truth
  4. The chance to stop constantly lying
  5. Freedom
  6. To open myself up fully to new friendships
  7. To open myself up fully to love
  8. To unleash my creativity
  9. To smile more often
  10. To hopefully feel less afraid
  11. I will finally feel like people can get to know me
  12. I will finally be able to get to know myself

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