In Search of What My Readers Want

thanks_729-620x349I want to extend a sincere thank you to all of my In Search of Adam readers. I thank anyone who has ever taken the time to read my words and have any internal response to my message. I especially thank the loyal readers who frequent my blog and who are traveling along this journey with me. And for those of you who have ever been moved enough to take the time to ‘like’ a post, leave a comment, or send me a personal email, your feedback drives me, inspires me and helps me feel less alone. I sincerely thank you all. These interactions have not only made blogging more fulfilling, but they’ve also filled me with the energy and excitement necessary to keep writing more!

In addition to thanking my wonderful readers, I wanted to stray from my normal post format to present you with 3 polls I have carefully created. The purpose of these polls is to give me, the blogger, a better understanding of what you, the reader, have liked so far. Also, these can help me pinpoint what you are interested in seeing more of in the future. If I am not holding your interest and providing you with topics that seem relevant and/or helpful to you, then my blog will ultimately fail in its purpose.

In the polls below, you are able to choose more than one answer and you have the option to type in your own customized answer thus giving me a more personalized look into your interests. You can only vote once though, so choose wisely. After you have voted you will be able to review a tally of the results thus far. This way, if you are interested, you can see how other readers have answered.

Please have fun with these polls! Take a moment to express yourself and I promise to take your thoughts and desires into account. I once again thank you for your ongoing support and for your continued valuable feedback.