About Adam

If you come in search of Adam, you have found him. I’m a lover of horror movies and superheros. I’m a cancer survivor (since the age of 21) and I fancy myself an eternal optimist. Oh yea, and I am a gay man.

I began this blog as a tool to help me deal with being closeted and being frightened of my sexuality. In its beginning, this blog was a place for me to talk about feeling trapped in the closet and to explain why I was hiding there. But since these early days I have been fortunate enough to come out. I broke free from my closet and am now learning to live my life openly and honestly as a proud gay man. It is a journey not a destination.

Moving forward, this blog is designed to be a resource for anyone struggling with fear or confusion of their own sexuality. My hopes are that, through writing about my life experiences, I may help make the journey easier for someone else. Or at least help others know that they are not alone in these struggles. This blog is intended as a place to discuss being closeted, the coming out process, and what life is like after we come out. Though I may only speak from my own personal experience, I hope that I can bring to light some universal truths.

Still, we are not solely defined by our sexualities. Our interests and loves are vast and varied. Thus, my blog, like most blogs, found its own life and has headed in whatever directions it sees fit. My post topics range from how heterosexual people react to our telling them we are gay, to my personal love for the comic book character Peter Parker. I hope this blog will be a way for me to connect with others and to learn from them.

I welcome you, Gentle Reader, to my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay.

~ Adam


9 thoughts on “About Adam

    • Thanks, Scott, for the follow and your kind words! I’m hoping that I’m producing interesting posts. I’m new to all of this. I’m just speaking what I think and feel. I was just looking through some of your photography. Talented stuff man.

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